American furniture and architectural millwork. 

Custom made furniture for all who appreciate great craftsmanship. At Blackburn Furniture Makers, we specialize in built-to-order furniture. All work is done “in house”. Everything from dovetailing and turning, to carving and finishing, is done at our shop. All of our furniture is made using traditional woodworking techniques. Great care is taken from the selection of the lumber to the application of the finish, to ensure that your piece is even more than you imagined.

chippendale chair classic period style furniture by matt blackburn

Period Fine Furniture

A classic example of a Chippendale style Chair.  Chippendale styles of furniture originated in the third quarter of the 18th century, named after the English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale. This was the first time furniture was named after someone other than in the Monarch (, 2019).  The cabinetmaker rather became the most famous name in the history of English furniture at a time when such craftsmanship was at it its peak.

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